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Flight No. From To Dep Arr
071 Wilson Kitale 07:15 08:10
072 Kitale Wilson 08:30 09:30




Book cheap flights from Nairobi to Kitale. Fly Safarilink to Kitale 

Safarilink operates a daily scheduled flight to Kitale in the west of Kenya. A sleepy agricultural town‚ Kitale is the gateway to several spectacular mountains and scenic destinations.

Mt Elgon is a solitary mountain that rises dramatically from the plains. It has one of the world’s largest intact calderas and is thought to be East Africa’s oldest extinct volcano. One of Africa’s highest mountains‚ and the second highest in Kenya after Mt Kenya‚ it straddles the border of Kenya and Uganda. The elephants that live on its slopes have become famed for using their tusks to dig salt from its wide network of caves. Mt Elgon is known for its botanical diversity that ranges from Montane forest to open moorland‚ giant lobelia and groundsel being amongst its most striking plants. As well as elephants and buffalo‚ the mountain is home to several smaller mammal species‚ and is especially known for its monkeys such as the colobus‚ blue monkey‚ red tailed monkey. This lovely mountain is adorned with waterfalls and hot springs‚ and has several peaks to climb‚ the highest of which rises to a height of 4‚200 meters.

Nearby Saiwa Swamp National Park‚ with an area of only 3km2‚ is the smallest national park in Kenya. It was created to protect the endangered sitatunga‚ a rare semi-aquatic web-footed antelope. This tropical wetlands is known for the many unusual birds‚ particularly water birds‚ that live here. Multiple species of frogs‚ toads and snakes are amongst the myriad of reptiles and amphibians found in the park. The park is known for its water plants and its orchids‚ and has a network of walking trails.

The Cherengani Hills form a non-volcanic mountain range with spectacular cliffs and gorges‚ topped with indigenous forest‚ and is one of Kenya’s most important water catchment areas. The hills abound with peaks and provide lovely walks and treks that can take a day or a week or more. The Marich Pass‚ a deep gorge linking the Cherengani Hills with the Lake Turkana Basin‚ is surrounded by lush virgin forest that’s home to a variety of species of game including several types of monkeys. Local Pokot pan for gold in the rivers. The Marich Pass Field Studies Centre is an educational centre for anyone studying the geography‚ botany‚ conservation‚ linguistics‚ anthropology and archaeology of the area. The centre runs according to strong ecological ideals‚ and students can stay in its simple bandas‚ dormitories and cottages‚ or camp at the campsite.