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Flight Connections

The Safarilink scheduled service timetable is structured to allow seamless connections through their Nairobi hub to all the major game parks in Kenya‚ Lamu‚ Kiwayu and Diani on the Coast and to and from northern Tanzania. And‚ unlike other airlines‚ Safarilink guarantees that all same day connections will be honoured and travelers will proceed to their planned destination even when there is a 'tight' connection and on the very few occasions when the first flight is delayed for some reason.

Flight connections currently available are:

  • Passengers off the inbound Tsavo West and Amboseli flights can immediately proceed south-west to the Masai Mara or northwards to Nanyuki‚ Lewa Downs‚ Loisaba‚ Shaba and Samburu or‚ after a short wait‚ to Diani‚ Lamu or Kiwayu on the coast‚ or across the border into northern Tanzania via Kilimanjaro. 

  • Passengers off the morning service from the Masai Mara can immediately connect onto the service to Kilimanjaro‚ and then onwards to Arusha‚ Manyara and the Serengeti‚ or natively can go eastwards to Lamu‚ Kiwayu and Diani on the Coast.

  • The inbound service from Samburu‚ Shaba‚ Loisaba‚ Lewa Downs and Nanyuki immediately connects to Lamu‚ Kiwayu and Diani and‚ after a short wait‚ to Naivasha and the Masai Mara.

  • The inbound cross-border service from Kilimanjaro immediately connects to the afternoon service to Naivasha and the Masai Mara.